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Dr. Mikhail Valivach  
MD in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

Mikhail Valivach, MD, is the Division Chief of Cytomorphology at the Pavlodar Regional  Diagnostic  Center (Republic of Kazakhstan). He also collaborates as a postgraduate medical educator at the Pavlodar Physician Training Faculty. He is also a medical translator, research project manager and lecturer.

His clinical interests and expertise are in systemic inflammatory diseases especially histological and  immunofluorescent antibody tests. His main interest is connected with primary and secondary vasculitides.
Dr. M.Valivach has been participating in development of computer expert systems and databases since 1998.  
He also specializes as a medical interpreter in synchronous oral and written translation from English into Russian.  
At the Cytomorphology Division Dr. Mikhail Valivach directs all patient care, postgraduate education, cytology, histology, and  immunofluorescent antibody tests.
At the Pavlodar Physician Training Faculty  Dr.
Mikhail Valivach gives lectures and master classes in clinical immunology, diagnosis of vasculitides, and arrangement of scientific research, etc.
Mikhail Valivach also collaborates in international educational and research projects both as a researcher, administrator, educator, and medical interpreter.
Mikhail Valivach received his M.D. degree from the Medical Institute at Semipalatinsk in 1980. As a student and during his later professional work his main interest has always been in immune dependent diseases including their clinical, laboratory and  pathological diagnosis. Since immune dependent diseases (connective tissue disorders and autoimmune diseases) can damage any organ, Dr. Valivach has had trainings and certificates in internal diseases, rheumatology, gastroenterology, laboratory medicine, and pathology. In addition to training in Kazakhstan, he studied pathology at the Novosibirsk Medical University (Russia), epidemiology at the Radiation Biology and Medicine Institute of the  Hiroshima University, participated at pathology seminars in Salzburg (granted by Open Medical Institute and had an observeship in Pathology of Inflammatory Diseases at the Clinical Pathology Institute of the Vienna Medical University (granted by Open Society Institute). 
Dr. Mikhail Valivach is married and has two sons. 
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