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I will be glad to assist you in your projects and business activities. If you have any cooperation offers contact me

Professional medical interpretation, translation into Russian

Medical interpretation (English–Russian)

The language of medicine is very specific. Correct translation requires special knowledge in both linguistics and 
healthcare. As a medical interpreter, I use my skill in English and Russian to provide services to patients and doctors alike. The ability to communicate is fundamentally important to the safety and comfort of the patient during care and for doctors during business trips worldwide. Accurate use of terminology is necessary for your publications in foreign periodicals. Professional interpretation and translation is a bridge to this goal. It is also assistance during negotiations, science researches, admissions, examinations, consultations, procedures and many other encounters. 

Medical education in Russian and English
Medical education in Russian and English

Continuous postraduate education is an important and integral part of medical profession. The lecture is the most common method of transmitting information in medical schools and continuing medical education. I have a wide experience in providing interactive lectures on immunology, vasculitides, statistical analysis, study designs in medical researches and ethical issues.

Medical researching Russian

Medical researching

Appropriate choise of study design, data sampling, and statistical analysis is a powerful tool that enables a researcher to draw meaningful conclusions. The success of a medical study however depends to a great extent, on the proper interpretation of the data emanating from such a study. I would be glad to use my science research background in your projects.