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Medical interpretation (English–Russian)

I will be glad to assist you as an interpreter in your projects and business activities. I live in Kazakhstan and ready for business trips and remote interpretation by phone and Skype. If you have any cooperation offers contact me

The language of medicine is very specific. Correct translation requires special knowledge in both linguistics and healthcare. As a medical interpreter, I use my skill in English and Russian to provide services to patients and doctors alike. The ability to communicate is fundamentally important to the safety and comfort of the patient during care and for doctors during business trips worldwide. Accurate use of terminology is necessary for your publications in foreign periodicals. Professional interpretation and translation is a bridge to this goal. It is also assistance during negotiations, science researches, admissions, examinations, consultations, procedures and many other encounters.
Have you ever considered how many kinds of pain one can feel and describe with a specific word in English or in Russian? — Pain can be burning, dull, gnawing, nauseating, numbing, piercing, searing, sharp, shifting, stinging, throbbing, or tingling… And there is a difference between pain, ache, pang, smarting, and soreness. And while words like queasy, faint, and vertiginous are often used interchangeably in common speech, you wouldn’t want those notions mixed if yourself or someone close to you needs medical attention.
All these examples merely scratch the surface of the iceberg of medical terminology. We have interpreters who know it and who even interpreted during surgery. Just like with legal representation, medical interpretation is the field where a sure-footed Russian interpreter may prove quite literally vital.

Medical Interpretation

I first studied English at school in Pavlodar (Kazakhstan) from 1969 to 1974. Then as a medical student read many medical texts in English. From 1982 to 1984 attended an intensive English course (9 hours a week). In 1984 attended a seven month training “English for Medical Workers” organized by a Peace Corps. During six years, I was a counterpart of Peace Corp volunteers (Carl Wagner, Natalie Emge Smith and others). 

During four years I had worked as a medical interpreter with a British physiotherapist Margeret Andrews (an expert in cerebral palsy).

British Council in Kazakhstan invited me as a medical interpreter to assist British doctors during their work in Kazakhstan.

I also translated lectures given by US medical doctors David R. Haburchak and Lee S. Newman to medical workers, during their visits in Kazakhstan.

This experience made me a medical interpreter that truly knows how to convey the meaning of the source language using specialized terminology, colloquialisms and idioms. I guarantee in-depth understanding, confidentiality, and reliability.  

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