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I have published many books and articles, mostly in Russian.


Opportunistic infections of the mucous membranes 
Pavlodar 1998. In Russian.


Guideleines in statistical methods in epidemiology 
By the order of the Kazakhstan Health Ministry. Pavlodar. 2002. In Russian.


Immunodeficient conditions
Text-book for medical students. Almaty. 1991. In Russian.



An Experiment of Telemedicine Between Japan and Kazakhstan in Order to Improve the Accuracy of Pathological Diagnosis
Healthcom June 20 2007. 9th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Application, and Services. Presentation made on  Wednesday June 20th, 2007, pp. 221-224. In English.


Current Medical Situation in Kazakhstan, the Necessity of Support, and Importance of Telemedicine
Journal of eHealth Technology and Application. Vol.5, No.1, February 2007, pp. 12-15. Co-authors: Yuichi Ishibashi, Atsuko Hara, Isao Okayasu, Mikhail Valivach, Murat Mukarov, Sergei Chernyakov, and Isao Nakajima. In English

Immunological condition in the population living near Semiрalatinsk tests site
J.Rad.Res. (Japan), 1992.-v. 45, N 3.-Р.420-421. Co-authors: Beysembaev E.A., Molchanov N.E., Kazakov V.M., Ogorodnikova O.Р. In English.

Formalized schedules for population screening for immune deficient conditions
The First All-Union Symposium of Immunologists: volum.II, Moskow, 1989, p.170. Co-author: E.A.Beisembayev.  In Russian.

A device for centrifugation of Terasaki microchambers
Laboratornoe delo. January 1, 1989 - Volume , Issue 10. pp.74-75. Co-authors: Beisembaev EA; Lazarev I.A. In Russian

Experience in development of expert software for clinical and laboratory diagnostics of  immune deficient conditions
Scientific arrangement of control of education. Proceedings of Regional Scientific and Methodological Conference. Semipalatinsk. 1990, p. 27. Co-authors: Beisembaev EA; et al. In Russian.

Immune status in children and adults with frequent respiratory infections
Proceedings of  the II International Symposium in Tshaltubo -1990- p.74. Co-authors: Beisembaev EA; et al. In Russian.

Differential diagnosis of immune deficiency
Informacionnyi listok N 135-91. Pavlodarskyi CNTI KazNIINTI.- 1991.-6 pages. In Russian.

Battery of laboratory micromethods for examination of immune status
Informacionnyi listok N 137-91. Pavlodarskyi CNTI KazNIINTI.- 1991.-4 pages. In Russian.

Method of sampling of risk group for immunodeficiency deficicnecy
Informacionnyi listok N 3-92. Pavlodarskyi CNTI KazNIINTI.- 1992.-4 pages. Co-author: Beisembaev  In Russian.

Micromethod of assessment of functional activity of lymphocytes
Informacionnyi listok N 4-92. Pavlodarskyi CNTI KazNIINTI.- 1992.-3 pages. Co-author: Beisembaev.  In Russian.

The possibility of a  complex approach to estimation of dose burden in the population living on radiation contaminated territories
Co-authors: Lipikhina A.V., Valivach M.N., Kurakina N.N., Kosatov V.G., Federbush E.G., Bugembayeva M.D.  EESFEA-2003

A three level approach for assessment of chronic diseases on the example of celiac diseases
Co-authors: Gaskov A.P. et al. Allergologia i immunologia (Moskow). Vol. 1, #3, October 2000, pp. 38-48. In Russian.

A table form for clinical immunological screening
Technical proposal #1608, Semipalatinsk State Medical Institute, 6.11.1991. Co-author: Beisembaev. In Russian.

Health status in the residents of Maisk district of Pavlodar Oblast (Region)
Zdravoohranenie Kazakhstana. – 1991.- #1, pp.26-27. Co-author: Beisembaev et al.  In Russian.

Immune status in the children with frequent diseases residing in the area with radioactive background
Zdravoohranenie Kazakhstana. – 1991.- #6, pp.45-46. Co-author: Beisembaev E.A.  In Russian.

Analysis of long-term effects of nuclear tests in the Semipalatinsk test site
Proceedings of the Regional Comference: Medical and Social Problems in the Regions Neighboring Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site. Karaganda (Kazakhstan), 1991, pp. 19-20.    Co-author: Beisembaev E.A. In Russian.

Peculiarities of visual perception in the patients with extra- pyramidal disorders
Zdravoohranenie Kazakhstana. – 1987.- #6, pp.34-36. In Russian.

Some pathogenetic mechanisms of stammering
Zdravoohranenie Kazakhstana. – 1987.- #10, pp.44-45. In Russian.

Neuropsychological analysis of intellect in alcoholic patients
Zdravoohranenie Kazakhstana. – 1990.- #10, pp.32-33. Co-author: V.Danevich. In Russian.

Excessive body weight in adolescent girls in Pavlodar is a manifestation of accelerated aging
Proceedings of the Conference Devoted to the 5-th Anniversary of Pavlodar Regional Diagnostic Center. Jan. 30, 2004, pp.34-42.  Co-authors: N.Sharapatova, Yu.Rossinskiy. In Russian.

Frequency of TORCH infective agent detection in genitalia of pregnant women in Pavlodar
Proceedings of the Conference Devoted to the 5-th Anniversary of Pavlodar Regional Diagnostic Center. Jan. 30, 2004, pp.47-51.  Co-authors: Zh.Arefieva. In Russian.

Practical approaches used by Division for science and methodology of the Pavlodar Regional Diagnostic Center for the purposes of continuous medical education of doctors
Proceedings of the Conference Devoted to the 5-th Anniversary of Pavlodar Regional Diagnostic Center. Jan. 30, 2004, pp.101-104.  Co-authors: A.Miliaev. In Russian.

Retrospective reconstruction of mercury intake in residents of contaminated areas
Vestnik PGU, 2006. Co-authors: A.Miliaev, R.Tulegenov et.al. In Russian.

Methods of retrospective dose burden estimation in the population living on radiation contaminated territories
By Lipikhina, A.V.; Valivach, M.N.; Kurakina, N.N.; Kosatov, V.G.; Federbush, E.G.; Bugembayeva, M.D. Public Assosiation 'Studies of Radiation Effects', Semipalatinsk (Kazakhstan) from Abstracts of 4 International conference 'Nuclear and Radiation Physics'

Possibility of retrospective follow up studies of mortality in the residents of Semipalatinsk region based on available archive data
By Bugembayeva, M.; Gaskov, A.; Valivach, M.; Musina, R.; Lipikhina, A.; Kurakina, N.; Kosatov, V.; Federbush, E. (Public Assosiation 'Studies of Radiation Effects', Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan); Kusumi, S. (Radiation Effects Association, Tokyo, Japan) from Abstracts of 4 International conference 'Nuclear and Radiation Physics'

The diseases requiring differential diagnosis with vasculitides
Zdorovie Kazakhstana. March  2013. In Russian.

Indirect diagnostic criteria of vasculitides
Zdorovie Kazakhstana. March  2013. In Russian.

On temporary differential diagnosis protocols at the Pavlodar regional diagnostic center
Zdorovie Kazakhstana.  June  2013. In Russian.

Atypical clinical manifestations of prolonged EBV-infection with vasculitis and polyarthritis
Zdorovie Kazakhstana.  August  2013. In Russian.

A case of chronic skin and liver disease required differential diagnosis with gluten intolerance
Zdorovie Kazakhstana. 10.21.2013. In Russian.

Some issues  of human mercury intake estimation
Zdorovie Kazakhstana.  02  23 2014. In Russian.

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